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When and where does the parade take place?

This year, for the first time ever, the parade takes place in Vienna, on 21 June 2018.

We meet at exactly 1:00 pm. As to where we meet, we still need to wait for confirmation from the authorities for the exact location, which can only be given about 14 days in advance of the event. We will let you know in time.

Do I need to pay?

Participating in the parade is free. If you would like to support us in covering the costs of the event, we’re happy to receive your donation. For the info stands, we ask for a small contribution towards our costs as we have to pay fees to the authorities.

How long is the parade’s route?

About 1.5 kilometres.

Do I have to have a disability to participate in the parade?

No, of course not. We are working towards a world in which everyone can live together, and this is also true for the parade. EVERYONE is welcome.

I won’t be able to participate in all of the parade, what’s the best place to join?

We recommend having a look at the map of our route to see when we will be where. There will be accessible mobile toilets at the hotspots marked on the map.

If you know other people who will be at the parade, maybe it’s best to call or message them.

If you have a specific request about how to get to the parade, please send us a message at mitmachen@powerparade.at.

Where can busses stop to let people on/out?

Please check our route map. The streets that are marked as our route will be closed, but all side streets can be used for access. Also, at the start and at the end of the parade, there will be a dedicated stop for driving services to ensure that people can join and leave smoothly. If you have a specific question about this, please contact us at mitmachen@powerparade.at.

I would like to participate, but I cannot come to the gathering spot alone. Is there a solution for that?

We’re sure we’ll find a way for you to participate. Please contact us early enough at mitmachen@powerparade.at so we can organise help. We are willing to provide personal assistance to anyone who needs it. The earlier we know about your situation, the better we will be able to provide a solution.

Do you allow assistance dogs at the parade?

Of course, assistance dogs are allowed. But please take care of the sensitive ears of your loyal four-legged friends and keep your distance from places with loud music. Royal Canin is sponsoring food for your furry friends at their stand.

Will there be a way to take a break during the parade?

There will be various trucks at the parade. If you speak to one of the officials there, you can hop on at any time. There will also be trucks with low trailers for wheelchair users.

Will there be accessible toilets?

Yes. We have created hotspots along our route with two accessible toilets each. There will also be several mobile toilets at the closing rally.

Will there be food and drinks?

Nobody will starve or die of thirst, we can promise that much.

If you’re interested in providing food via your company (for example with a mobile food stall), please contact us at mitmachen@powerparade.at.

What happens if the weather is bad?

We will watch the weather forecast carefully. As long as there are not any dangers (such as storms), we will be on the streets. Please stay up to date with the forecasts and make sure that you have the right clothes for the weather.

Is there a way to travel to the parade from outside of Vienna?

If you want to participate as a private person, feel free to join whenever. If you want to organise something with your association, your roommates, your group, your organization etc., please contact us at mitmachen@powerparade.at and we will do our best to make sure that everyone who wants to participate can do so.

The Roomchooser website provides an overview of accessible hotels.


Can I participate? How?

We are working for a world where we all live together. This is why we want to give everyone the opportunity to participate – as a sponsor; with an info stand; carrying a banner; using your voice, a whistle, drums; with a cool car, bicycle, motorbike or other means of transportation.

If you would like to participate, please send your suggestions to mitmachen@powerparade.at so we can collect all ideas and turn them into a colourful programme.

Can we participate as an association/group/company/organisation?

Yes, we’d love to welcome you! There are various ways you could participate – please contact us at mitmachen@powerparade.at.

How can I help / support you as a private person?

You can also help and support us as a private person. For example, you could …

  • be an official at the parade
  • provide personal assistance to others
  • pick up people and take them to the parade
  • make a banner
  • donate food for staff
  • provide instruments
  • create buttons
  • distribute flyers
  • spread the word
  • … and much more!

However, to avoid chaos, please send your ideas (and your phone number) to mitmachen@powerparade.at – we will then get in touch with you. Even if you don’t have a specific idea, we’re happy to hear from you. If you send us your contact data, we will get back to you.

Programme & content

Why do we even need this parade?

For many, words such ‘disabled’ and ‘retarded’ are still a slur. Many people cannot participate in everyday life because of various barriers. Often, people with disabilities are seen as incapable of living an independent life. They are heavily discriminated against in all areas of life – housing, education, work, and much more. This is the sad reality … which we would like to flip on its head! We want to celebrate life – all its aspects, rough edges, ups and downs. We want to show what an independent life looks like – as unique as every single person.

With the parade, we want to send a message of diversity and independence. We want to be heard and seen and show that ‘special needs’ are not that unusual. And of course, we want to celebrate (ourselves)!

Who is behind the Power Parade?

The idea for this event came from Assistenz24, who created the basis for the organisation together with ARGE-Zukunft, Menschen & Medien and a group of motivated individuals.

The following organisations and associations support the Power Parade:

  • Integration Wien
  • Caritas&Du
  • Österreichischer Behindertenrat
  • Verein sowieso
  • VALID-Magazin
  • High Roller’s
  • hpe – Hilfe für Angehörige psychisch Erkrankter
  • ÖGLB – Österreichischer Gehörlosenbund
  • VÖGS – Verein österreichischer gehörloser Studierender
  • Radio Arabella
  • ÖZIV Bundesverband
  • Jugend am Werk
  • ÖHTB
  • SOB – Caritas
  • Verein für Neurofibromatose
  • SLI

If you and/or your organization, group, association etc. would like to contribute, please contact us at mitmachen@powerparade.at.

Will there be sign language interpreting?

Yes, there will be interpreters for Austrian sign language.

What happens at the closing rally?

At the end of the parade, we will arrive at a large space for celebrating, relaxing, enjoying and exchanging ideas. We’re currently working on a colourful programme with music, dance and poetry.

Also, there will be various info stands for you to go to, get information, interact with, etc.

Everyone is invited to contribute to the programme. If you have an idea (also for your organisation), please contact us at mitmachen@powerparade.at.