Our slogan is ‘Alle für alle’ (all for all), and we are going/rolling onto the streets – in the heart of Vienna (Austria). Under the hashtag #ALLEfeiern (‘everyone celebrates’), we want to show, together, that we are all unique, and that that’s great.

Why we march

Since 2004, there have been Disability Pride Parades all over the US, trying to raise awareness for and with people with all kinds of disability. We think that Vienna is ready for such an event, too – and where if not in the very heart of Europe should we continue to ride the wave of proud diversity coming from other places such as Berlin?

Inclusion and participation

It is important to us that people with disabilities are in charge of this event. Whether they are people with learning difficulties, people with mental health issues, blind and/or deaf people or people with bodily disabilities – our speakers, musicians, artists etc. on the stages, cars and trucks will exclusively be people with disabilities.

The parade will be made up of people in cars, on bicycles, using driving services, on foot, in (electric) wheelchairs and/or on trucks with their signs, banners, aspirations, wishes, costumes and music.

Please note that people will take pictures and audio and video recordings of this event, which may be published in the media, on our website and on social media.