What is a Power Parade?

  • Power means energy.
  • A parade works like this:
    • Many people meet.
    • They walk down the street together.
    • Some people drive slowly in cars.
    • Some people stand at the sides.
    • They watch.

What does ‘all for all’ mean?

  • Everyone can join our Power Parade.
  • For example:
    • people with disabilities
    • people without disabilities
    • carers
    • friends
  • This is what we want to show to people:
    • No two people are the same.
    • Together, we are strong.
    • Everyone can do something for other people.

When is the Power Parade?

  • The Power Parade is on 21 June 2018.
  • We meet at 11 o’clock in the morning (11:00 am).
  • Then we start the parade.
  • At the end, we celebrate together.
  • That will be at half past one in the afternoon (1:30 pm)

Where is the Power Parade?

  • The Power Parade is in Vienna.
  • Vienna is in Austria.
  • The parade starts at the ‘Rathausplatz’.
  • The ‘Rathausplatz’ is in front of the town hall in Vienna.
  • The end of the parade is at ‘Heldenplatz’.
  • ‘Heldenplatz’ is a big square in Vienna.

Who does the Power Parade?

  • We had the idea:
    • we from ‘Assistenz24’
    • we from ‘mirkollektiv’
  • But we cannot do the Power Parade on our own.
  • We need many people with disabilities.
  • We also need many people without disabilities.
  • We need organisations and associations.
    • Organisations and associations are groups of people.
  • We can only do the Power Parade together.
  • So please contact us!
  • mitmachen@powerparade.at